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WBF Make-Up Battle in Austria

3.06.2016 .There was a battle of make-up artists. 

Host and Head Judge Felix Shtein will be guiding artists through the WBF Make-Up Battle in Austria on Sunday 3rd July. With only an hour to create an awe-inspiring look, we’re expecting things to get heated. Starting at 4.30pm the judging will begin at 5.45pm, with winners crowned then and there before being presented to a packed audience on the main stage.

To keep things interesting each artist is provided with a model they have never met before – and even more thrilling, all materials are provided by the WBF so you won’t even know what you have to work with until you start! Each model will be dresses in a black bodysuit and leggings, so don’t feel obligated to keep your colour restricted to the face.
Expect the unexpected and prove your flair for art and creativity to comply with the secret theme, announced right before the competition commences. It’ll be an even playing field, where only your artistry and quick thinking can help you shine through.

Judges will be awarding 1-10 points on the following criteria: Originality and Interpretation of Theme, Clarity and Details, and the Overall Look.
The only thing you’ll need to bring with you, should you enter, is your own make-up base products in a variety of skintones to match to your model as well as your own brushes.

We’re unbelievably excited for this competition, eagerly awaiting the vibrant creations and the ultimate champion. For more information you can visit the WBF website here.

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