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The International Championship is for makeup artists from all over the world. You will be able to compete for the first places and have a chance to show that you are one of the best masters in the World.

The competition is held online. You can simultaneously participate in several nominations.
The competition is divided into two stages:
 The first stage selection is from 10.10.2020 to 10.12.2020.
 The Finals are from 10.12.2020 to 20.12.2020.


Project partners:
1. The general sponsor is Felix Shtein professional cosmetics.
2. Megumi - Japanese and Korean skincare cosmetics.
3. Beauty Factory Magazine (Romania)
4. F.R.W.L. magazine (Russia)
5. Yofi magazine (Israel)


Competition jury:
Felix Stein - Israel
Olga Obraztsova - Russia
Victor Kislyi - The Ukraine
Ella Bartsueva - Dagestan
Roshar - The U.S.A.

We invite artists to give free rein to their imagination and creativity in the following nominations:
1. Beauty Makeup - Modern Japan
2. Creative Makeup - Social Mask
3. Creative makeup based on the movie/ book "The Lord of the Rings"
4. Body art on the theme "the worlds of the artist Carol Bak (Karol Bak)"
5. Lifting makeup - Makeover




In the final stage of the competition, three winners will receive gifts in
each nomination: **

For the first places:
 A set of cosmetics from the Felix Shtein brand
 Prizes from Japanese and Korean cosmetics "Megumi"
 Online master classes from Ella Bartsueva


For the second places:
 Online photography lesson from Victor Kislyi
 Prizes from the Kevyn Aucoin cosmetics
 Online master classes from Ella Bartsueva


For the third places:
 Author's strategic sessions on promoting personal brand from Olga Obraztsova
 Online master classes from Ella Bartsueva
 A set of masks from Japanese and Korean cosmetics "Megumi"

There will be interviews with the winners and publication of their works by media sponsors.

To participate in The International Makeup Championship you need to:
1. Follow the link to register (fill out the form)
2. Subscribe on Instagram to the jury members, sponsors and
organizers of the competition (you can find them on the competition account)
3. Publish a banner of the competition (it will be sent to you after
registration) on social networks with the indication “I am competing in The
International Makeup Championship "
4. Send your work (no more than 1 photograph in the nomination) to the
mail address of the competition indicating the registration number, credits
and the name of the nomination *
5. The work must be new, unpublished and created specifically for the championship.
6. Photos of the work should not contain more than 20% processing
7. For the nomination "Lifting makeup" send a collage (two photos
before and after).
8. Publication of works participating in the championship is possible only with
@ the.imc championship tag and
#theInternationalmakeupchampionship hashtag.

By registering for the competition, you automatically consent to the
use of your works in print, social networks, advertising, etc.
Registration and submission of works takes place from 10.10.2020 to 10.12.2020
We will notify you by mail if you work is selected for the Championship Finals.

The International Makeup Championship results will be announced on 12/25/2020.

Social networks:
@ The.imc Contest
Felix Shtein @Felix_Shtein from Israel
Megumi Store @megumi_spb - St. Petersburg
Ella Bartsueva @ ellabartsueva__makeup-Dagestan
Olga Obraztsova @ olya.obrazcova- Moscow
Victor Kislyi @viktorkyslyi - Moscow
Roshar @rosharofficial - America
Brand @kevynaucoinrussia
Brand @fshcosmetics
Organizer @sabina_zdesenko - St. Petersburg
Organizer @olga_zdesenko - St. Petersburg
Beauty Factory Magazine @ beautyfactory.magazine
F.R.W.L. magazine @frwlmagazine
makeup artist community @okolo_makeup
community of makeup artists @ivisagist

For all organizational issues, please, contact Olga Zdesenko at

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